Our activities


We make the most of our traditional know-how by linking it to the most recent and accurate designing, production and manufacturing technologies (CAD/CAM, 5 and 7-axis digital machining, automation…).

Thanks to a 3D laser scanning system (Konica Minolta), realistic rendering modelling system, a CAD/CAM software (Siemens Unigraphics V8.3), 3 5 to 7-axis machining centers, and automation, we are able to carry out all your projects: prototyping, machining, joining, finishing, stuffing, even for complex pieces of wood, metal or composite materials.

We are able to manufacture your own models or pieces in small, medium or large series. We drive our responsiveness and flexibility from the use of an ABB anthropomorphous robot and from partnerships with local companies.

We are specialised in machining wood, but we also have a significative experience in machining aluminium, polyurethane foams, composite materials…

For example, we machine contemporary seat shells in polyurethane foam. We have machined connecting pieces in aluminium for streamlined elements of metallo-textile structures.

Environmental approach

Wood used in the production process of our products is from sustainably-managed forests. Each tree cutting is controlled, supervised and balanced by plantings or natural regeneration. Consequently, our wood raw material is environment friendly. Moreover, we purchase beechwood to suppliers within a 50-km maximum radius from production site.

We annually produce more than 22,000 items mostly of beechwood, but also of cherrywood, mahogany and oak.