Our activities

Our workshops


500 employees serve you. Experience mutualization is a decisive advantage in elaborating customized and innovating solutions while ensuring maximum responsiveness.

Cutting up workshop

Technical means

Déligneuse, scie à ruban et contre débit, raboteuse, dégauchisseuse 4 faces, raboteuse dégauchisseuse, toupie double arbres, toupie plate, tenonneuse, perceuse, tour à reproduire, tour à tourner, araseuse, commande numérique 3 axes, scie à panneaux...

Cabinet making and joinery workshops

Technical means

Scies à ruban, scies circulaires, perceuses, dégauchisseuses, raboteuses.

Milling and carving workshops

Technical means

Toupie plate, toupie horizontale et machine à préparer la sculpture.

Metallurgy workshop


Scie à découper le métal, postes à souder, tourets à polir, tour à métaux, perceuses à colonne, rouleuse, cintreuse…

Kitchen utensils

More than 300 machines dedicated to the creation of high end kitchen utensils for Grand Chefs and for Great Cuisine lovers seeking for profesionnal tools.

Cutting workshops

People skilled in preparing foams, cutting textile or leather, stuffing seats, embroidering

Technical means

Patronage, digitalisation des images de base, gradation, optimisation des placements et la découpe automatiques
Small, medium and large serie cuts of all kind of material

Top of the art cutting tools

Our cutting tools enable neat, precise, homogeneous and performing cuts with full flexibility. Speed optimises quality and output
CAD/CAM, EDI and plotter combined with « DIAMINO » software enable to optimise and totally master the use of material

Upholstering workshops

Technical means

Tables à découpe, scie à mousse, toupie profileuse et fil à chaud, machines à coudre, machine à peaufiner, machines à broder, machines à découpe de cuir et tissu.

Sewing workshops

A true technical knowledge of industrial sewing through dressmakers with an experience of 20 years, and through a 100-model machinery.

Our professional equipment enables our specialised teams to join all kind of products made of soft materials.

Control of quality

The diversity in our products and their quality require rigorous controls.

Workshop managers carry out controls at each stage of the production process and a quality manager finally controls products before each shipment.