Breathe more soul into your interior

Beyond exceptional products, we offer a story made up of men and women leading bussinesses that united into Alliance Manufactures de France to serve and satisfy the most demanding customers.
We also provide you with an only interlocutor that coordinates manufacturers of prestigious products throughout the carrying out of your large-scale projects.


Coordinating partners and shareholder manufacturers involved in a public or private project


Listing private and public customers’ needs for specific furniture, home improvement, parquets, high end kitchen utensils and decoration along with project managers or owners


Selling innovative products


Our priority: a service adapted to our clients’ demands.

Our abilities

The quality and the diversity of our products require a rigourous control.

At each step of the fabrication process, skilled workshop managers carry out this control. Then, all products are finally inspected by a quality manager before shipment.

Our R&D department and designers perform furniture feasability studies, prototyping and mechanical resistance studies.

We accompany demanding customers seeking for creativity, from designing to prototyping serie or customised products.

Our shareholders and partners manufacture every product.

We also provide you with program monitoring as well as manufacturing and delivery schedules.